Your Donation Matters

Your donation goes toward providing a world-class education to students in East Los Angeles. Donations directly support school operations and allow us to ensure that all students truly have access to a high-quality education for the 21st Century.  Check out the various levels of support below.  


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UNIFORM  - $25 to Give Uniform to One Child

We require uniforms so scholars can focus on what's truly important at school: learning. Help a scholar stay focused and engaged all day by providing him or her with a uniform!


READING - $50 for a Set of Books

Excelencia is committed to making sure that all students are skilled readers by the third grade.  As such, every student participates in a 90-minute personalized literacy rotation each day.  Sponsor a child’s books today to make sure he or she has everything needed to become a reading pro!


FURNITURE - $75 for One Desk

We are going to add one grade per year until we are a full TK-8 school. As we continue to grow, new classrooms will need to be furnished with desks and chairs for our scholars.


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PHYSICAL EDUCATION - $150 for Soccer Equipment

We will provide daily physical education and exercise for students because we recognize the importance of growing our bodies as well as our brains.  Help us get the equipment we need to provide our students with a fun and character-building exercise experience.


CHROMEBOOKS - $300 for One Laptop

Because we recognize the modern need to teach our students how to properly use technology, we will offer a daily course on technological literacy.  Using these computers, students will learn how to adequately access information and enrich their learning with personalized digital assignments.    


READ ALOUD - $500 for a Month's Worth of Books

Each day, our scholars gather on the carpet for Read Aloud. During this fundamental time, teachers read to their students and ask thought-provoking questions to help scholars become critical readers. Teachers model literacy skills students should exemplify for their grade level.


PAINTING - $1,000 to Paint One Classroom

We want to give our scholars a bright, engaging, and safe environment where they can take academic risks. Help give our scholars a beautiful school!


FIELD TRIP - $2,000 for the Whole School

We believe that learning should extend outside the classroom - that is why field trips are so essential. It is imperative that scholars get real world experiences that include trips to educational museums and visits to local colleges.


ST MATH AND LEXIA - $5,000 for One Year Subscriptions

ST Math and Lexia are the main online tools we use to supplement class instruction. Lexia is a literacy program that allows scholars to practice their phonics and reading proficiency. ST Math taps into the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability and applies it to math instruction.

CURRICULUM - $10,000 for School-Wide Blended Learning Curriculum

We believe individualized learning helps our scholars reach their full potential. A blended learning curriculum will take the best of traditional instruction, while allowing students to control pace and path.


CLASSROOM NAME - $20,000 to Name a Classroom

Honor your alma mater and inspire our scholars to go to college! As a college prep school, scholars know from the minute they come to Excelencia that they are expected to go to college. Help surround them with positive images and reinforcements!